Federal Man Online Gratuito

Federal Man Online Gratuito

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Former juvenile star William Henry is the all-grown-up hero of "Federal Man". Henry is cast as a government agent, who dogs the trail of illegal narcotics peddlers. This requires several trips south o

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original title: Federal Man

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama



duration: 1h 7min

tags: MASTER MIND OF THE T-MEN VS. THE TWISTED BRAINS OF THE UNDERWORLD! (original lobby-card - all caps)


keywords: governmentagent, holster, shoulderholster, husbandwiferelationship, undercovermen, u.s.treasury, trackingdevice, smuggling, policework, murder, u.s.mexicoborder, investigation, drivebyshooting


































L'ex stella giovanile William Henry 竪 l'eroe adulto di "Federal Man". Henry 竪 scelto come agente del governo, che insegue le tracce di venditori ambulanti di narcotici illegali. Ci嘆 richiede diversi viaggi a sud del confine tra Stati Uniti e Messico e viceversa. 鏤